Badass VW LT40 Syncro snapped in Lima, Peru

Posted by on April 9, 2012

The folks at snapped a shot of this cool LT40 in Lima yesterday. No backstory or information, just enjoyed the photo of this great machine doing what it does best (well, maybe it’s more accurate to say that it’s resting between bouts of doing what it does best). Suffice to say that this LT looks simply badass, and I’d love to see more photos of it.

I truly wish the LT was sold in the States. While the Sprinter is a modern rendition of the LT, I have yet to be really impressed by the all-road prowess of any of the Sprinters I’ve seen. Of course, I’m open to having my horizons expanded in that regard.

Posted on twitter by Lost Word Expeditions, and found via Joel Johnson’s feed. Check out the Lost World Expeditions website to read about their journey around the Americas (and beyond) in an ’87 Toyota Landcruiser.

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