1988 Mercedes 1017A-based Camper For Sale in California

This 1988 Mercedes 1017A-based custom 4×4 camper just popped up on eBay with very little information, and only the barest minimum number of pictures. I requested the PDF of information that the seller describes, but he or she seems to be having some trouble getting it sent (UPDATE: The PDF has shown up with a … Continue reading »

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Exclusive: Paul Aalmans’ Amazing Actros 6×6 Camper Build

Dutchman Paul Aalmans knows his off-road campers, this is the third one he’s built, and by far the largest. Starting with a tired but capable Mercedes-Benz Actros 3343 6×6 cab over tractor, the first three months of the (quite fast) nine month build were spent replacing lots and lots of technical parts. Paul added remote … Continue reading »

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Off-Road Campers for sale at the Unimog Shop

If you’re looking for a Unimog to convert, or want to buy someone else’s conversion, drop a bookmark on the Unimog Shop website. Unimog Shop is a Mogs-only classified site, and it’s full of everything from mid-’60’s 404s to nearly new U500s, in conditions ranging from beaters to drop-dead custom. Currently there are two expedition … Continue reading »

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EarthRoamer XV-JP Reboot

What happens when you buy an expensive off-the-shelf expedition camper and you find out it just doesn’t fit your needs? Well, most people might sell it and find something else, but Mike Hiscox didn’t, he decided he could do something better, and he did. Although it’s no longer available, EarthRoamer’s XV-JP was a diminutive off-road … Continue reading »

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Toyota Coaster Bus 4×4 Camper Conversion

If you trawl eBay and other for sale sites like I do, you’d think that Australia was crawling with Toyota Coasters that had been converted into motorhomes, but I’ve yet to see one with a 4×4 drivetrain and a lift like this rig in Maryborough, Queensland. It’s a 1992 LWB with a 4.2 liter diesel, … Continue reading »

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