Exclusive: Paul Aalmans’ Amazing Actros 6×6 Camper Build

Dutchman Paul Aalmans knows his off-road campers, this is the third one he’s built, and by far the largest. Starting with a tired but capable Mercedes-Benz Actros 3343 6×6 cab over tractor, the first three months of the (quite fast) nine month build were spent replacing lots and lots of technical parts. Paul added remote … Continue reading »

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Off-Road Campers for sale at the Unimog Shop

If you’re looking for a Unimog to convert, or want to buy someone else’s conversion, drop a bookmark on the Unimog Shop website. Unimog Shop is a Mogs-only classified site, and it’s full of everything from mid-’60’s 404s to nearly new U500s, in conditions ranging from beaters to drop-dead custom. Currently there are two expedition … Continue reading »

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1980 Unimog Offroad Camper in the UK

I’d like more photos of this one, especially the interior, but it seems quite nice nevertheless. Based on a left-hand drive 1980 Unimog U1300L, it’s been on overland expeditions in Africa three times since its conversion in  2000. The truck features a 5.4 liter turbo-diesel, air-operated diff locks that can be triggered on the move, 600 … Continue reading »

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Superlative Unimog Camper

This is simply stop-me-in-my-tracks stunning. An amazing 1977 Unimog 416 motorhome conversion that is just too beautiful for words. It was posted for sale back in 2009 for $40k on the Eurotech Services website, as well as on Expedition Portal. As you can imagine, someone snatched it up. I’d love to know where it is … Continue reading »

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Just back from visiting the Dalai Lama

German photojournalist Mario Goldstein has just returned from an overland expedition, from Europe to India to meet the Dalai Lama. My German is a little rusty, but I’m led to believe that this “wasserwerfer”, literally a “water pumper” was actually in the service of the Munich riot police prior to being purchased in 2010. For … Continue reading »

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