Earthroamer XV LT on eBay

Posted by on April 13, 2012

It’s probably redundant to say that this Earthroamer XV LT for sale on eBay is loaded, since it’s probably not possible to buy one that isn’t loaded, but this has everything. This 2005 is based on a Ford F-450 with the Lariat Luxury package, so you know the chassis has every option available as well.

Highlights from the auction listing include solar panels, cassette toilet, queen bed, satellite TV, granite countertops (which, frankly, I don’t understand in a vehicle), diesel stove (!) and heater, 100 gallon fresh water tank, water purifier system, outdoor shower, Warn winch, HID off road lighting, dual fuel tanks, dual alternators, massive bumper with integrated light bar, air compressor, uprated suspension and more. The auction has a Buy It Now price of $155,000, and the vehicle is located in Eagle, Colorado.

Want to see more? Wants to see the interior? Click through to the next page for more photos.

UPDATE: The vehicle was relisted on eBay, ending June 12, 2012, with a Buy It Now price of $139,000.

Source: eBay auction page for 2005 Earthroamer XV LT.

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  1. arjan

    is it possible to sit/stand on the roof?
    if fitted with real offroad tires, will they fit in the back?
    what is the fuel useage?

    • Michael Wendell

      You should probably ask these questions to Earthroamer directly. Here’s a link to their website.

      • Wagner Arsene Luxembourg Finsterthal N 9 Luxembourg

        Es ist ein wunderschönes Reisemobil (Expedition) es ist selten ein
        Expeditions Reisemobil zu sehen was so gut aufeinander abgestimmt ist,
        Es macht einem jetzt schon Lust in solch einem Waagen herum zu fahren.
        Was kostet solch ein neues Fahrzeug und wie zuverlässig sind diese Fahrzeuge.
        Wo wird der Unterhalt des Waagens gemacht, Revision etc.

  2. Scott Schlosser

    I am the owner of this truck and thank you for posting this information on your site. The roof is a great place to hang out and eat, sleep etc. I have a ski, windsurfer rack on the top and I set a table on it or just a piece of wood to sleep up top. I just lowered the price to $129,000 on Ebay. Thanks! Great Site!

  3. Mike Rock

    Scott, is the Earth Roamer still for sale?

  4. vojta kubec

    hi do yo have info on winterizing , pushing water out of system

    thanks for help


  5. Gary

    #009 up for sale. Asking $130,000. Only one for sale anywhere. Limited time. No pressure sale as is paid for. Will cost three times as much to get new! Oh, and don’t forget they are on order thru May 2014. I’ve taken some of the new price tag off, and you get the benefit of solid sailboat construction mounted to an apocalyptic platform. 50 gallon and 40 gallon dual diesel tanks, to run diesel cooktop, diesel water heater, and diesel heater. No propane hazard, and no need to empty your propane tanks when you take a ferry, because you don’t have any. Dual battery bank at runs refrigerator all the time, dual alternator to recharge for AC use, and 50 gallon fresh water tanks, with dual air compressors, to speed up airing up tires, and air chucks front and rear for air tools, and air suspension. 30amp power connection for when you want to be plugged in…if you ever want to.
    Has queen size bed, laying length ways, and two storage bins on each side. No rear passenger seats, just room for ARB refrigerator, bike, and extras.
    Presently outfitted awaiting travel orders, been serviced, tires have only 5,000 miles since new, Bridgestone 22.5 on Alcoa aluminum. House batteries new in 2011, and brand new starting battery. Granite countertops, beautiful wood construction, dove tailed drawers, with locking knobs. Warn 18K winch to Aluminess bumper, Hella lights with off road HID. Color that changes hues with lighting, military dark green, to dark brown, to black at night, depending on lighting conditions. Think two tone paint, done to military spec. Only ER of 130 with this color, that I am aware of. Unique to #009. In motion satellite, Pioneer stereos, gps, back-up camera, LED outdoor lighting, marker lighting, and indoor led/halogen/florescent. Thetford cassette toilet with teak wood framed shower and floor mat. Great storage bins, and European windows, with bug screen, silver reflective closed, and hinged. Roof access solar window. Great for taking pictures, or just gazing at the stars. 10,000lb tow capacity, class 8 tow hitch, with custom 8″ dropping ball, with electric hookups, water, air chuck, and cable built into the rear bumper.
    Presently positioned west of San Antonio, Texas.

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