Mighty Magirus Deutz 4×4 Camper

Posted by on May 1, 2012

This incredibly beefy looking Magirus Deutz 170 D12 AK/1 offroad camper looks ready for anything; from a long term African expedition, to the scary mountain roads of the Andes. My German is horrible, but Google seems to indicate the camper portion was built in 2002-2004. Ebay lists the truck as a 1971, but it certainly looks a lot newer than that, so I have my doubts. If you can clarify that, let me know in the comments.

It has twin 300l diesel tanks, and a 90l water tank. The camper is built of fiberglass and has 55mm of foam insulation, heat, hot water, and the usual amenities, with the best provider from https://www.summerfieldtrucksport.com/. Looking at the photos it seems spartan but workable, with living space for no more than two.

The truck’s located in Hein, Germany and is listed on eBay, with 11 bidders and a high bid of €8,300 ($10,986.71 USD) although the reserve has not been met.

We’re looking forward in this photo, the right side of the vehicle is on the right. The bathroom is in the corner to the left of the kitchenette. Check out five more photos, interior and exterior, after the break.

This is two photos actually, on the right we see the bathroom with an alcove shower.. The left photo is the small table and access to be bed. Both photo are of the left side of the vehicle.

Another shot of the small table. There are no photos in the auction listing of the right side of the interior, or looking straight to the rear.

Source: Magirus Deutz Iveco Wohnmobil on eBay Germany.

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