No, that’s not a Unimog

Posted by on June 14, 2012

Generally, I find sarcasm detestable. It seems to be the favored writing style of the jealous and insecure. So naturally, I found this post on Driving Inertia to be somewhat ugly. In it, the author describes this great looking Mercedes 914-based expedition camper (that they thought was a Unimog) as a ridiculous “homage to over-preparation”, adding a snarky comment about the fact that it was parked in a campground, instead of on a mountain top somewhere. The post goes on to bash the owners of kitted-out 4×4 Sportsmobiles as well, sarcastically referring to them as “rugged non-conformist(s)” and calling the rig a “dot-com millionaire’s traveling circus”.

Now I don’t know the Germans who own this camper, nor do I know where their travels have taken them, but I’d bet that they’ve gone to quite a few places that you simply cannot get to in a Toyota Sienna. The world is an amazing place, full of all kinds of people. If you’re open to the experience, rather than simply resorting to sarcasm, you might enjoy meeting a few of them.

Oh, and if by chance the owners of the Mercedes 4×4 camper pictured above read this… Get in touch, I’d love to feature it in a future post!

Source: Driving Inertia

5 Responses to No, that’s not a Unimog

  1. Lisa

    Thanks for checking out our site and for the free psychoanalysis!

  2. Hodge

    Hey, I saw that very vehicle in Smithers BC Canada yesterday. I wanted to chat with the owners but they were busy talking to others. Had to post, as I was surfing the net showing a buddy the type of camper I want to get someday and I found your post….

    • Michael Wendell

      Thanks for the update. If you see them again, point them my way, I’d love to know more about their camper!

  3. mike

    normal fragt man den eigentuemer um einverstandniss!!!

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