This Steyr 791 would make a great offroad camper.

The Steyr 791 has been used by armies worldwide, and is the ancestor of the US Military’s current family of Medium Tactical Vehicles, so you know it’s got the chops for serious off-road travel. Add to that, the fully insulated bus-like body on this 1986 looks incredibly interesting, and rare too, and would make a great conversion candidate.

According to the auction it features a 6.6 liter 6 cylinder diesel putting 107kW (143Hp) through a 5 speed gearbox. Maximum speed is 84kph (52mph), and it holds 350 liters (~92 gallons) of diesel onboard. The cabin, which is mostly gutted right now, features 3 crank down windows, a rooftop hatch, wooden floors, and externally accessible storage areas.

If you want it, you’ll need to travel to Berlin, Germany to get it. Of course, with 11 bidders and a current high bid of only €1012 ($1271.78 USD), you know you can afford the airline tickets!

Check out the eBay Germany auction listing for more info and photos.

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1979 Magirus 4×4 Camper in Germany

Here’s a pretty rugged looking Magirus 4×4 motorhome for sale on eBay in Germany. Based on a 1979 170 D15 AK/2 chassis, the rig is powered by an 8.4 liter, 175 Hp air-cooled 6, and has a 5 speed manual with crawler gear and diff locks. Maximum speed is 80 kph, which is just 50 mph, so you won’t be exploring the world in a hurry, but at least you won’t need to waste time on fuel stops with 500 liters of diesel on board and a range of almost 2200km (1530 miles).

The camper box, which looks simple, home-built, but cozy, features a diesel-powered heater, the usual toilet and cooking facilities, sleeping for 4 and, according to the seller stauplatz ohne ende (storage without end).

There are currently 10 bids on this great looking offroad camper, with an incredibly reasonable price of € 3,810 ($ 4759.45 USD), although the reserve has not been met. Check out the eBay listing for more information.

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1988 Mercedes 1017A-based Camper For Sale in California

This 1988 Mercedes 1017A-based custom 4×4 camper just popped up on eBay with very little information, and only the barest minimum number of pictures. I requested the PDF of information that the seller describes, but he or she seems to be having some trouble getting it sent (UPDATE: The PDF has shown up with a plethora of information and photos, click past the break for more information). Nevertheless, the few photos posted look really interesting, and I really wish I could get a look inside see below!

Seller claims this is a prototype of a world class expedition vehicle. They list 100 gallon (378.5 liters) capacities for both fuel and water, and diesel generated heat and hot water. in addition to the usual camper amenities, they also list luxuries such as a washer/dryer and radiant floor heat. The ad also mentions that they can build a custom version for you, starting at $160,000.

UPDATE: I got a 16 Mb PDF from the seller with lots of photos and information. Click past the break for all the details…

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Exclusive: Paul Aalmans’ Amazing Actros 6×6 Camper Build

Dutchman Paul Aalmans knows his off-road campers, this is the third one he’s built, and by far the largest. Starting with a tired but capable Mercedes-Benz Actros 3343 6×6 cab over tractor, the first three months of the (quite fast) nine month build were spent replacing lots and lots of technical parts. Paul added remote tire inflation (CTIS), super-singles, and just about anything else you might need or want when crossing the Sahara or the Gobi. Here you find Tacoma RV dealers specialize in towable RV, the only dealer that offers a warranty forever. If you are planning on travel for vacation get an RV from the best Tacoma RV sales, check it out

Because time was of the essence during the build, and because Paul was mostly working alone, he decided to mount an existing caravan (a camper trailer for those of us in the States) to the chassis, rather than build the camper body from scratch, he just made sure to add new rv batteries. While I’ve seen this done, I’ve never seen it look this good. In fact, I would wager that you wouldn’t have known this fact if it wasn’t revealed here.

Click through to read the whole post, with more information and over fifty huge photos spread across three galleries (interior, exterior, and build-log photos).

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Update: EarthRoamer XV LT Relisted on eBay, Lower Price


The 2005 EarthRoamer XV LT we featured last month is back on eBay, and the Buy It Now price is $16,000 lower at $139,000. If you recall, this is a 2005, and based on a rugged Ford F-450 chassis with 60,000 miles on the clock. The luxurious EarthRoamer interior features a full bathroom, queen bed, granite counter tops, and a satellite receiver. The stove and heater run on diesel, for single-fuel convenience, and the 100 gallon fresh water tank can be resupplied by the onboard water purifier. The suspension has been completely upgraded, including new Deaver springs. Up front you’ll find a custom aluminum bumper and light bar sporting a full set of Hella HID driving and fog lights. The current auction is scheduled to end on June 12, 2012.

Check out the full listing on eBay for more details and photos. You can also read our earlier post regarding this vehicle.

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