Serious Isuzu 4×4 Crew in Queensland

Posted by on April 17, 2012

UPDATE: This camper has been relisted, now ending on Jun 20, 2012. The current bid is a much more affordable $20,000 AUD ($19,798 USD), although the reserve has not been met.

This one was recently listed on eBay in Australia, where they really seem to know their offroad motorhomes. The classified listing had an asking price of $52,200 AUD (~$54,600 USD), and was recently closed by the seller because ‘the item is no longer available’. We can only assume that this machine has a proud new owner and it will be headed into the outback soon.

According to the listing, the base vehicle is a 1983 Isuzu 4×4 with a 6 cylinder turbo diesel, a 6 speed manual box, air suspension, and 196,000 kilometers on the clock. It’s got a 400 liter tank and uses 18l/100km, giving it an overall range of 2,222 km (or 1380 miles). It’s rust-free and has been fitted with dual alternators (12v and 24v!), new brakes, new batteries, a 15,000 lb winch, aluminum toolboxes, and a big honkin’ roo bar on the front.

The custom-built camper features new house batteries, 130 watt solar panels, Vitrifrigo 120l refrigerator, a stainless-steel hot water system, LED lighting, hot and cold outside shower, full kitchen with microwave, hob and even an oven. The camper has a 400 liter water tank and a chemical toilet.

Although it looks like the builder simply hoisted a trailer (caravan) onto a flatbed truck, the seller claims that is not the case, and that the camper box was custom built for this application. Although it is barely even noticeable in the exterior photos, you’ll see from the interior shots (included after the break) that the roof includes a large pop-up section for added headroom. While the interior is spartan, and the finishes are definitely dated, it looks exceptionally roomy, and with the pop-up lifted it must seem really quite light and open. It would have been helpful if the seller could have included at least one photo with the top up.


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