The Beast from Bribie Island

Posted by on June 14, 2012

Look at this thing… just look at it. If this isn’t the ultimate makeshift zombie apocalypse survival vehicle, I don’t know what is!

An all-too-brief auction description claims that this (clearly) home-built rig sits on a rugged 4×4 Bedford military chassis, and sports an all aluminum frame, with (if I’m reading this correctly) aluminum sandwich walls. Seller claims that the camper is almost done, runs and drives, and that the Chevy 350 can push it up to 90kph (~56 mph). With all that raw power, it’s good to know that the brakes have been relined and surfaced.

The camper already has 120 watts of solar panels, folding awnings Melbourne, and a 20 amp regulator. It’s got a TV, a big leather couch, a Dometic 3-way fridge for beer, and what appears to be a set of church windows on the back. While it still needs the propane and water lines installed, the seller is including the uninstalled carpeting and a toilet in the auction.

I’ll be honest… I’m intrigued. If I was in Queensland, AU, I’d want to see this one in person. I think the photos, and the trash littering the ground around the vehicle are probably selling it a bit short. This could be a great Outback explorer for some intrepid Aussie.

Currently the listing is at $15,000 AUD, no bids, no reserve. This 4×4 camper is located near scenic Bribie Island in QLD, Australia, currently in an rv storage. See and read more about it on eBay Australia.

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