1972 Hanomag AL28 Project

Posted by on June 16, 2012

I often think that the ideal expedition camper should be, above all, inconspicuous. I love seeing these amazing custom crafted rigs costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, but to display that level of wealth when traveling to areas of the world where the average yearly income wouldn’t even buy one of your spare tires is somewhat insensitive, if not vulgar. Additionally, it presents a more practical problem, in that the traveler may become a target. Maybe the ideal camper should be something older, and looking a little more modest (at least from the outside)… something stealthier.

With that in mind, I present this 1972 Hanomag AL28, currently listed on eBay, and located in the lovely hamlet of Mammendorf, Germany*. Despite looking somewhat tired, the rig has passed all recent TUV inspections and is ready to go. The seller says that all she needs are new tires, wiper blades, and a bit of love. Surely you can afford that, considering that 17 bidders have only driven the price to €1000 ($1263.70 USD), although the reserve has not been met. At this price, and considering the age, you could even consider shipping it to the states.

Sure, this is a project vehicle; the entire box is empty, you’re looking at a complete camper build up. Then again, imagine the possibilities. Imagine a luxurious yacht-like interior hiding inside this rig, who would suspect? And of course, you can probably fix just about anything on this 1972 truck with just an adjustable wrench, a hammer, and a roll of baling wire. Maybe this is the ideal that we should be shooting for?

Source: eBay Germany Listing Page
* I’m kidding about that, I have no idea if Mammendorf is lovely.

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