1981 Unimog U1700L Camper in Daun, Germany

Posted by on June 25, 2012

This one keeps popping up on eBay with a listing price of €49,980 ($62,669.92 USD), with no reserve and no bids. It was professionally converted by Friedl & Webber Camp OEG in Graz, Austria, and sleeps 4. The seller claims that the rig was virtually rebuilt from the ground up during the conversion in 2006-2007, at a cost of over €130,000 ($167,000 USD), which makes the current listing price seem like quite a bargain.

It’s rather quick for a Unimog, with a claimed top speed ‘well over’ 100kph (62mph), and a cruising speed of 90kph (~56mph), some of which is attributed to the oversized tires. Fuel consumption is typically 15 to 17 liters per 100km (15.9 to 13.8mpg), and drops to 20l/100km (11.7mpg) when fully loaded and cruising.

There are also new updates in this newest model, regarding the application of Spray Foam Insulators to refrigerate the truck, and to help the truck stabilize the general structure and since the structure is stiffened the vehicle makes much less general rattling noises.

See more photos and read the entire description (auf Deutsch) on eBay.

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