Airstream B-Vans grow taller in Colorado.

Posted by on April 12, 2012

Normally the Airstream Class B is a pretty sedate, and frankly somewhat boring camper van… until Boulder Offroad gets hold of it. Boulder Offroad specializes in 4×4 van conversions, and as you can see they’ve really had their way with this 1994 Airstream.

Now this is what Airstream should have been shooting for all along. Drop a Christopher Deam-designed interior into this thing and you’d have a big seller. Huge.

Perusing their site, it looks like Boulder Offroad actually does 4×4 conversions on more Chevy vans than Fords. They also do four-wheel-drive handicap vans, work vans, custom interiors, and some great completely custom half-van half-flatbed trucks that you’ve got to check out. Their Photo Album page is a great place to start.

As always, there are more photos after the break.

Also if you’re a Chevrolet fan, I’ve included a few photos of a super clean Chevy Roadtrek van conversion by Boulder Offroad. Check out the before and after shot to really see what a difference the conversion makes. Just click the “Read More” link below.

And here are those shots of the Chevrolet-based Roadtrek I told you about. Be sure to check Boulder Offroad’s website for more photos and information.

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