1972 Hanomag AL28 Project

I often think that the ideal expedition camper should be, above all, inconspicuous. I love seeing these amazing custom crafted rigs costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, but to display that level of wealth when traveling to areas of the world where the average yearly income wouldn’t even buy one of your spare tires is … Continue reading »

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Zeppelin Expedition Camper Box

The great looking 4×4 Mercedes-Benz 914 shown above is not for sale in Walpertskirchen, Germany… at least not all of it. The truck is not for sale, however the camper box mounted on top of it is. The box is a ACE II (FM2) military-grade, ruggedized aluminum shelter built by Zeppelin Mobile System GMBH in Germany, and … Continue reading »

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This Steyr 791 would make a great offroad camper.

The Steyr 791 has been used by armies worldwide, and is the ancestor of the US Military’s current family of Medium Tactical Vehicles, so you know it’s got the chops for serious off-road travel. Add to that, the fully insulated bus-like body on this 1986 looks incredibly interesting, and rare too, and would make a … Continue reading »

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