Crazy 6×6 Jeep Truck Camper

For many, buying a car is an essential purchase. A car is needed for commuting, running the kids around and more. Whether you’re living in a rural area, or in a city, it’s likely owning a car will make your life easier and you won’t have to rely on others or public transport, according to … Continue reading »

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Nice Looking 1989 Iveco Magirus Cabover AWD Camper

Here’s a nice looking Iveco Magirus 110-17 all wheel drive camper with a Zeppelin camper box that popped up recently on eBay Germany. The Iveco Magirus chassis features a 169 horsepower, air-cooled Deutz 6 cylinder turbo, full time AWD, and longitudinal and transverse differential locks. Since it’s listed as an Iveco Magirus, not a regular … Continue reading »

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1972 Hanomag AL28 Project

I often think that the ideal expedition camper should be, above all, inconspicuous. I love seeing these amazing custom crafted rigs costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, but to display that level of wealth when traveling to areas of the world where the average yearly income wouldn’t even buy one of your spare tires is … Continue reading »

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The Beast from Bribie Island

Look at this thing… just look at it. If this isn’t the ultimate makeshift zombie apocalypse survival vehicle, I don’t know what is! An all-too-brief auction description claims that this (clearly) home-built rig sits on a rugged 4×4 Bedford military chassis, and sports an all aluminum frame, with (if I’m reading this correctly) aluminum sandwich … Continue reading »

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1979 Magirus 4×4 Camper in Germany

Here’s a pretty rugged looking Magirus 4×4 motorhome for sale on eBay in Germany. Based on a 1979 170 D15 AK/2 chassis, the rig is powered by an 8.4 liter, 175 Hp air-cooled 6, and has a 5 speed manual with crawler gear and diff locks. Maximum speed is 80 kph, which is just 50 … Continue reading »

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