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First-Class Fightin’ Foden

This amazing Foden of the UK Military just looks incredibly tough. I had to post it. Reading about Foden online, a company I’m not familiar with, I learned quite a bit. At the age of 15, Edwin Foden apprenticed himself to agricultural machinery manufacturer Plant & Hancock. He must have been doing something right, because by … Continue reading »

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No, that’s not a Unimog

Generally, I find sarcasm detestable. It seems to be the favored writing style of the jealous and insecure. So naturally, I found this post on Driving Inertia to be somewhat ugly. In it, the author describes this great looking Mercedes 914-based expedition camper (that they thought was a Unimog) as a ridiculous “homage to over-preparation”, … Continue reading »

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Drive this to Mars?

Because driving on Mars, after all, would require one hell of an expedition motorhome, I give you this. It was actually created by artist Tom Sachs, for his SPACE PROGRAM: MARS installation at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City. Reading over some of the exhibition material, this is referred to as the MQF, … Continue reading »

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The Wonderfully Quaint Beer Moth

Let me step away for a moment, from the monstrous off-road rigs we usually discuss, to something that, while it may be unsuitable for exploring the Sahara, is completely wonderful in its own right; The Beer Moth. Built as more of an on-site camper, a portable cabin that can be moved around the estate, the … Continue reading »

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