Magirus Deutz

1979 Magirus 4×4 Camper in Germany

Here’s a pretty rugged looking Magirus 4×4 motorhome for sale on eBay in Germany. Based on a 1979 170 D15 AK/2 chassis, the rig is powered by an 8.4 liter, 175 Hp air-cooled 6, and has a 5 speed manual with crawler gear and diff locks. Maximum speed is 80 kph, which is just 50 … Continue reading »

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Mighty Magirus Deutz 4×4 Camper

This incredibly beefy looking Magirus Deutz 170 D12 AK/1 offroad camper looks ready for anything; from a long term African expedition, to the scary mountain roads of the Andes. My German is horrible, but Google seems to indicate the camper portion was built in 2002-2004. Ebay lists the truck as a 1971, but it certainly … Continue reading »

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