1988 Mercedes 1017A-based Camper For Sale in California

Posted by on May 31, 2012

This 1988 Mercedes 1017A-based custom 4×4 camper just popped up on eBay with very little information, and only the barest minimum number of pictures. I requested the PDF of information that the seller describes, but he or she seems to be having some trouble getting it sent (UPDATE: The PDF has shown up with a plethora of information and photos, click past the break for more information). Nevertheless, the few photos posted look really interesting, and I really wish I could get a look inside see below!

Seller claims this is a prototype of a world class expedition vehicle. They list 100 gallon (378.5 liters) capacities for both fuel and water, and diesel generated heat and hot water. in addition to the usual camper amenities, they also list luxuries such as a washer/dryer and radiant floor heat. The ad also mentions that they can build a custom version for you, starting at $160,000.

UPDATE: I got a 16 Mb PDF from the seller with lots of photos and information. Click past the break for all the details…

The following is taken from the PDF sent by the seller of the truck, edited only slightly for format and grammar. If what the seller says at the end is true, it looks like we may soon have a new expedition vehicle manufacturer in the states. Below the text you’ll find a gallery of images captured from the PDF.

Newly completed, this truck is based on one of the best off road trucks of its size. The Mercedes Benz Model 1017A. This truck is ideal for visiting remote area, anywhere in the world, due to its ability to burn any kind of diesel, including Biodiesel. And it is an easy conversion to using vegetable oils.

The other property of this truck for unworried remote travel is that it has no Engine electronics. It is easy to repair with simple tools. And there is little to break down, for example the windshield glass has been replaced by Auto Glass Tec

This truck is larger and way more comfortable to ride in than a Unimog, and is nearly as good off road. This is due to four wheel drive, locking rear differential, and what is called “gelandgangiges untersetzung”. This is a Mercedes designed system of isolating the truck frame from the cargo/camper frame. This means that when off road the truck frame can twist and bend, keeping all four wheels in ground contact, while not transferring the twist into the camper box. This System is what sets these trucks apart.

  • Manual 5 speed transmission with 2 speed transfer case.
  • Air over hydraulic drum brakes.
  • Pressurized air system operates brakes, differential locks and transfer case. There is a provision for airing up flat tires, allowing the user to drop tire pressures for sand travel, and air up in minutes on the trail.
  • Winches front and back, 16,500 lbs., 24 volt, waterproof.
  • German super-single wheels with brand new 44″ tall Continental On/Off road tires.
  • Upgraded fuel tank added for 100 gallon capacity.
  • All lights converted to 24 volt LED, most military grade. These lights can handle shock,
  • vibration and water immersion.
  • This is a pre – 1990 truck, with less than 10,000 miles on the odometer.
  •  Tight-turning 143” Wheelbase
  • 10,500 lb. front axle.
  • 17,160 lb rear axle.
  • 26,840 lb. GVW, ample to carry out the function of well equipped and supplied expedition vehicle.
  • 6 cylinder, inline turbo-diesel OM 352 A V, 5675 cc, 364 ci, 24 volt negative ground, 168 hp
  • Entire truck frame coated in spray-on truck bed liner
  • All oils and fluids changed, synthetics used where deemed necessary.
  • Remote operated, 24v search lights on top of cab and on top of rear camper box.
  • Front bumper extended to conceal winch mounting and to house storage compartments for tools, chains and an air over hydraulic jack.
  • Cab painted in aircraft quality Imron paint
  • Camper box is 18 feet long, and 8 feet wide, and due to some surprising innovations very comfortable and roomy for its size.
  • The body of this expedition vehicle has been built by a small, custom, boat builder. The construction techniques are similar to boat building ones or even yachts that are made from scratch and later decorated with the best FL Yacht Signs you can find at some websites online. All
  • components are marine Grade for safety and durability. The main camper box is constructed of foam/fiberglass panels, no metal is used for maximum thermal efficiency.
  • The camper frame is torsionally isolated from the truck frame additionally suspended by rubber springs.
  • The galley, with 6 feet of counter space, is fully equipped with marine grade 2 burner electric cook top.
  • There is a good sized bathroom with a separate shower, toilet and vanity, with a marine toilet by Sealand, featuring an integrated black
  • water tank.
  • Isotherm full size fridge/freezer.
  • Splendide washer/dryer combo.
  • The dinette is large and doubles as living room sitting area, and via the collapsing table provides a second bed.
  • The main king-sized bed is suspended near the ceiling over the dinette during the day, and lowered electrically for sleeping.
  • Heating is provided by an Aquahot diesel-fired system. This provides space heating hydronically, hot water in unlimited quanities, and engine
  • preheat when needed.
  • Nearly 100 gallons of fresh water
  • Rear view camera is supplied along with a Sony stereo and Tomtom GPS in the cab.
  • Rear-mounted hydraulic lift handles the spare tire and a motorcycle. With an adapter you could carry a 4 wheeler. The lift can carry a total of
  • 1,000 lbs., the spare tire is 300lbs.
  • Power is supplied by the engine alternator, an Onan Quiet Diesel 3200 watt generator, and shore power when available. With abundant battery bank and
  • electronics off grid living is possible for extended period.
  • Outdoor hot and cold water shower.
  • Cab currently set up for two adults and a toddler, could easily handle three adults for long-term travel.

The “Honey Badger” is the prototype, and as such, includes many extras and additions over the base model. Once in production, the base truck will sell for $160,000. This prototype truck is available now at advantageous pricing.

These images were screen captured from the PDF.

UPDATE: As mentioned in the comments, you can now read the entire PDF at the vehicle’s new website: http://honeybadgerexpedition.com/

Sources: eBay Listing, and PDF provided by seller.

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