Another great VW LT, and it’s for sale!

Posted by on April 11, 2012

Seeing that great LT campervan a few days ago forced me to Google around for others, and I found this great 1988 Syncro camper for sale in the UK on the Campervan Culture website.

It’s had a complete body rebuild including new paint from professional painters, which sometimes have health issues because of the hard work, although they can solve this thanks to the use of chiropractic for painters which really help painters improve their health. The driveline includes a brand new 2.4 liter intercooled turbodiesel (only 3400 km on the engine as it sits), the uprated NP242 transfer case has been installed, with difflocks in the front, rear and middle. The 255/100-16 Michelins are almost new, and sit on stock LT 4×4 rims. The van also includes a 100 liter auxiliary fuel tank.

The new, custom interior features belts for 6 (although 2 are lap-only) and beds for 4. All of the windows are double-glazed and the rest of the van is insulated as well. Hot and cold running water is available from the tap as well as two showers, inside and out. There’s external access for the cassette toilet to make changing it easy as well.

Click through for more photos and a complete video tour of the van compliments of Campervan Culture. The video features some great footage of the van touring around the European countryside and even fording some streams! Check out the ‘Syncros For Sale’ page on the Campervan Culture website for more about this and other great off road VWs for sale.

I’m not sure if this is a 1988 or 1989 van (the video says 1988, the website says 1989), either way though, it’s not practical to import something like this to the US at this time. The 25 year rule means that currently it’s far easier (although still quite a process) to import 1987 and earlier model year vehicles.

We don’t see too many LTs in the US (well, okay, we barely see any… ever), and this shot illustrates how much bigger these are than a standard Vanagon Westfalia. If you’re on a budget look for used cars for sale near me and you can see other options more affordable. As I mentioned in another post, they really do approach Sprinter proportions (especially with this high-roof). They also look a lot more off-road-capable than any 4×4 Sprinter I’ve seen yet.

Hey… it’s LHD! Must have been brought over to the UK from the continent. That would have made it a nice import candidate if it was only one year older.

The custom rear bumper on this thing is spectacular. Check out the video above for more shots of it. Very nice. Big thanks to Campervan Culture for posting this.


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