Argh… It’s NOT a garbage truck!

Posted by on March 31, 2012


When I thought about putting this blog together, I knew this would be my first post. I’m wrong, it’s my second. Anyway, this photo drives me crazy. No, nothing about the truck drives me crazy, I absolutely adore the truck. What drives me crazy is all of the so-called ‘journalists’ who insist on calling this amazing piece of engineering a garbage truck, or a dump truck. Have these people ever actually seen a garbage truck? If you troll this photo you’ll find dozens of blogs propagating this myth (and if you look in the comments you’ll see that yours truly has posted corrections more than a few times). Argh.

Anyway, this truck is beautiful, and it’s not a garbage truck dammit! It’s an older Unicat based on a MAN chassis.

Click through for a bunch more photos, including the amazing interior!


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