No, that’s not a Unimog

Posted by on June 14, 2012

Generally, I find sarcasm detestable. It seems to be the favored writing style of the jealous and insecure. So naturally, I found this post on Driving Inertia to be somewhat ugly. In it, the author describes this great looking Mercedes 914-based expedition camper (that they thought was a Unimog) as a ridiculous “homage to over-preparation”, adding a snarky comment about the fact that it was parked in a campground, instead of on a mountain top somewhere. The post goes on to bash the owners of kitted-out 4×4 Sportsmobiles as well, sarcastically referring to them as “rugged non-conformist(s)” and calling the rig a “dot-com millionaire’s traveling circus”.

Now I don’t know the Germans who own this camper, nor do I know where their travels have taken them, but I’d bet that they’ve gone to quite a few places that you simply cannot get to in a Toyota Sienna. The world is an amazing place, full of all kinds of people. If you’re open to the experience, rather than simply resorting to sarcasm, you might enjoy meeting a few of them.

Oh, and if by chance the owners of the Mercedes 4×4 camper pictured above read this… Get in touch, I’d love to feature it in a future post!

Source: Driving Inertia

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