Just back from visiting the Dalai Lama

Posted by on April 6, 2012

German photojournalist Mario Goldstein has just returned from an overland expedition, from Europe to India to meet the Dalai Lama. My German is a little rusty, but I’m led to believe that this “wasserwerfer”, literally a “water pumper” was actually in the service of the Munich riot police prior to being purchased in 2010. For the trip, a fiberglass camper box was sourced, which was custom outfitted for the trip by the German company Füss, one of the expedition’s sponsors.

The vehicle is currently for sale for just under 300,000 euros (or around $390k). You can find more information about the trip itself, as well as information about WAWE (as the truck was called) on the website Mario put together for his journey: www.dalailama-tour.de.

Listed features include 60mm insulated walls, triple locking door, cab seating for 5 plus a single bed, solar system for camper and chassis, sleeping for four in the camper (2 singles and a double, all with privacy), electrically lifted table, roof access, shatterproof windshield, operating tempered glass windows with mosquito nets, LED screens, hydraulic tilt-cab, 560 liter fresh water  tank, 120 liter gray water tank, 1000 liter diesel tank, GPS navigation, and a rear view camera.

More photos, including shots of the silver and red interior, and what the doka looked like before the conversion, after the jump.


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