Class A – Full Size

Monster 4×4 Airstream Motorhome

Years ago I owned a 1977 Argosy 28 foot motorhome, it was kind of a beater, but I loved it. If you’re unfamiliar with Argosy, it’s the Chevy to Airstream’s Cadillac. Argosy motorhomes were almost identical to the Airstreams of the same vintage, but sporting tan paint instead of raw aluminum, and with a few … Continue reading »

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Argh… It’s NOT a garbage truck!

  When I thought about putting this blog together, I knew this would be my first post. I’m wrong, it’s my second. Anyway, this photo drives me crazy. No, nothing about the truck drives me crazy, I absolutely adore the truck. What drives me crazy is all of the so-called ‘journalists’ who insist on calling … Continue reading »

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Wothahellizat… the original inspiration

Years ago I ran across photos of this monstrous, custom created motorhome online, and fell in love. I don’t know if it’s the idea of freedom, or the idea of bring it all with you, or maybe even the small part of me that wants a back up plan if, as Harry Dean Stanton says … Continue reading »

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