May The Fourth Be With You

In honor of Star Wars Day, I thought I’d upload the most kickass expedition vehicle of the entire series. Not very luxurious, but with a little work, some paint and polish… who knows? Here’s one of the original Ralph McQuarrie sketches. May the fourth be with you!

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Mighty Magirus Deutz 4×4 Camper

This incredibly beefy looking Magirus Deutz 170 D12 AK/1 offroad camper looks ready for anything; from a long term African expedition, to the scary mountain roads of the Andes. My German is horrible, but Google seems to indicate the camper portion was built in 2002-2004. Ebay lists the truck as a 1971, but it certainly … Continue reading »

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A Few Big Euro Military Campers

I just want to post a few things that caught my eye on eBay lately. First though, I’d like to make an observation. While expedition motorhomes and off-road 4×4 campers are not common anywhere, it’s surprising how much more common they are in Europe than here in the United States. The US is far less … Continue reading »

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Addax 4×4 from South Africa

Named for the hardy desert antelope, the Addax is a go anywhere off-road motorhome built by AC Motorhomes of Brackenfell, South Africa. Available on either the Isuzu NPS300 or the Mitsubishi Fuso FG chassis, the Addax is a completely custom built product, designed from the ground up to fit the customer’s needs. The typical Addax … Continue reading »

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1980 Unimog Offroad Camper in the UK

I’d like more photos of this one, especially the interior, but it seems quite nice nevertheless. Based on a left-hand drive 1980 Unimog U1300L, it’s been on overland expeditions in Africa three times since its conversion in  2000. The truck features a 5.4 liter turbo-diesel, air-operated diff locks that can be triggered on the move, 600 … Continue reading »

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